Can YOU Write a Series by Bullet Points? Part II – 2022-11-11 |SOE 7

SOE 6 gave me lots of ideas for the Holy Hunter series. I need more time to work on it, so I will be doing that this time. Before I fire up the “Fabula Ex Machina” I will tell of my progress on my current projects. This is part 2 of an unknown number.


What is the status of my current projects: progress made, length of time on the backburner?


Grobug Series – 5 Books Planned

Manuscript Completed: Books 1 and 2

Drafts Completed: 0

Drafts to Start: Books 3-5

Outlines Started: Book 3, sort of. I have one outline paragraph written for the book.

Outlines to Start: Books 4 and 5.

Next Action from 11-04-22: make thumbnail sketched for spreads 15-16 of Grobug Book 1. As of 11-11-22, I am 4 weeks late.

Actions Taken by 11-11-22: I made thumbnails for spreads 15-16. I failed to package the thumbnails for artist.

Next Actions for 11-19-22: Photograph and set up reference package or document to send to artist.


-Research Crowdfunding

-Make Crowdfunding Proposal

-Send to artist-Negotiate Rates and Terms

Back Burner

MTM – Breastfeeding Book for big brothers and sisters. (7 Weeks)

MTM – Next actions to publish: make text descriptions and thumbnail sketched for all 32 pages (7 Weeks)

Fantasy Dragon Book – Manuscript may need revision. On hold.

Completed Works

What did I accomplish this week as a storyteller?

-No writing this week–No drawings this week-

I analyzed the following shows:

Kamen Rider Black Sun 02 Analysis – What Unites Us?

Lessons Learned

What did I learn from the world of story this week?

  • Black Sun 02 – I don’t remember how recently I talked about invisible questions, or what show it was in response to, but Black Sun is full of them. I think the story spanning decades is a brilliant move because the events of each period effect each other and raise questions in the audience’s minds. I heard about starting a story with an invisible question from Shane Miller on Joanna Penn’s Creative Penn Podcast. LL000: Pack your story with invisible questions so you have more threads to pull on throughout the story. Telling a story over two time periods nearly does this by default.

Fabula Ex Machina

Part brainstorm, part drafting out loud.

Prompt: Let’s plan the Holy Hero Hunter series with bullet points PART 2!

X Words

10 Minutes


Can I Write a Series by Bullet Points? – 2022-11-04 |SOE 6

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