Kamen Rider Geats 10 Analysis – What is the Game?

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I will be discussing: The Bad, the Good and the Intriguing of Geats 09


Kamen Rider Geats 10 Scheme I:Beats of the New World  – November 13, 2022

Writer: Yuya Takahashi

Director: Shojiro Nakazawa


The ideal world of Ace, who became Deza Shin, has began. However, Tsumuri calls it “an unacceptable world”. Ace appears and calls Tsumuri “Big Sister”…!?

Game participants were gathered at the Temple of Desire, and a new game began. Among the participants were Ace, Michinaga, and a man with a guitar. The Game Master, staring at a man through the monitor, eerily murmurs.

“Your turn. I beg of you, Win Hareruya”

-Are Ace’s wishes stacking? It looks that way, but I have to guess. Rules matter, so I want to know what they are.

-I am intrigued to know how Ace thinks making the DGP staff his family will help him find his mother and do whatever else he is doing.

-I am glad Neon is coming back into the game, especially because it shows the cracks and the injustice in the DGP. This thing is bad or off somehow and that intrigues me.-Na-Go’s Beat Gear or whatever it is called is SUPER COOL!

-Ace questioning the rules of the DGP is good. Is this the first time he has really done that?

How arbitrary are all the rules? Shouldn’t Hareruya also be one of Ace’s family members now?

Wait, is Hareruya actually a Japanese alteration of “Hallelujah?”

-Is the DGP really rigged? It seems like it might be.

-What’s with all the weird picks from the Game Master? Does he want the Jamato to win? It doesn’t seem like it…

-Is something wrong with Keiwa now?What is the Game? But REALLY?

Episode 10 – 8/10

Watching this in real time, that week off in between seasons feels interesting because it makes it feel like this really is a new start. That is a neat trick. Ace is up to who knows what as he tries to find his mother. Will he do it at any cost? Does it matter who he hurts to find her? I liked the fights, the banter and the intrigue that is build around this seemingly simple idea and I am curious to see what Takahashi does in this unique take on a weekly Toei toku toy shilling show.

I got nothing this time.

LL000: N/A

Episode 11 – Scheme II – The Jamato Labyrinth


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