12 Days of Keto – Day 1

Join a Chubby Hubby author as he embarks on a journey to transform himself to having Heroic proportions by mastering himself and resisting the quick and easy way that have kept him trapped in his ordinary world of feel sick, fat and tired.

I am not happy with my body.

For the past few months I have been noticing my clothes have been tighter and less flattering. My wonderful wife has said nothing hurtful about it and has struggled to make healthier foods for me. The problem if mutli-factored, but I say it boils down to one thing: my lack of discipline. I know I should eat as little sugar as possible. I have done experiments on myself over the years and found that when I don’t eat sugars I feel better, perform better and look better. Unfortunately for me, I keep slacking off and getting off track. I went carnivore for a month and it was great. I lost focus and let myself get off track. By August 19, 2019 I had gone from 223.8 to 188.3 in the course of 99 days. I’d like to do better this time and as I am home from work this week it has given me time to think about this. I think Carnivore is the ideal for me. I know that Intermittent Fasting is a powerful tool for helping me burn fat and feel better. Eating Carnivore while doing IF should be even more powerful. I don’t recall doing IF when I went Carnivore last year. I have a plan to adjust my eating over the next few months and see what results I get.

Today December 26, 2022 I am starting with Intermittent Fasting (IF) and a simple Keto diet.

My 12 Days of Keto Plan is as follows:

I will fast for 16 hours each day (24 hour period) and have an 8 hour eating window.

During these 8 hours I will drink coffee with heavy cream, unsweetened black teas and of course water.

During these 8 hours I will eat meat, butter, eggs, fish, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt and probably some sauteed vegetables with dinner.

I will weigh myself each morning after waking up and before eating.

I will drink a big cup of water after waking up and every 1.5-2 hours after that with some real salt sprinkled in as well.

I plan to stop eating between 6PM or 7PM each night and cease IF at 10AM or 11AM accordingly.

I will post an update on my author blog each day. Simple text, no fancy graphics or gimmicks.

My 12 Days of Keto begin 12-26-2022 and end 1-06-2023.

I hope to drop at least 10 pounds in that time. I think my ideal weight is 160 with a little more muscle. I am more of a Dwarf than an Elf in stature.

This 12 days thing is just a fun gimmick to get me started. My ideal is likely IF + Carnivore, but I my heavy cream in coffee. It is a delight. I’ll assess every 2 weeks or so as I go forward to fine tune.

12-26-2022 Weigh-in: 210.1 POUNDS

Fasted: 12-25-2022 7:00PM to 12-26-2022 11:00AM – 16 Hours#Health #Fitness #WeightLoss #FattoFit

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