Art for My Kid 2-21-2023

This kid of mine has taken a liking to superheroes just like me. I get asked to draw a lot of stuff. For some reason, we almost always must cut them out after they are colored. It’s like I am the AI assistant because I get a vague promot I don’t fully understand, I do it and I usually get approval for it. I don’t know that I am actually meeting the request, but I am not getting a “no” most of the time. It’s a funny process, but I figured it is a chance to hone my craft. I usually turn them around in 5-10 minutes because I have a little patron hovering over me.

Top Left – Kamen Rider Gypsy started off as an Esrthworm Kamen Rider, 5hen I was asled to switch it to a Tomato Horn Worm Kamen Rider and I included Gypsy Moth elements becuase that is what they turn into around here. I was then asked to add the wings

Top Right – Kamen Rider 1. I was asked got a Kamen Rider and didn’t want to design one, so I decided to go classic and push myself to draw a front kick. The perspective needs work.

Middle Left – I think I was asked to draw a monster spider man. I had a lot of fun with this. Wouldn’t six arms be cool?

Middle Right – I was asked to make a dog Superhero and make it purple and green. We have NOT been watching Evangelion, but I am a simple man, I have purple and green my mind goes to EVA-01.

Bottom – I was asked to make am Ultraman. As much as I like the idea of Ultraman, I have a hard time with the design. I can’t synthesize the essence of it. Is feels like a wrestling singlet, but kind of inverted, maybe? Anyway, we decided to add spikes and I was once again asked to use a particular set of colors.

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