Fat to Fit – Week 1 – JAN 7-14

Starting Date: 12-26-2022

Starting Weight: 210.1

After a 12 day challenge, I dropped 7.7 pounds.

New Baseline: As of 1-06-2023 202.4

Going forward I will continue to use Intermittent Fasting (IF) and a low carbohydrate diet, close to Keto to achieve further progression.

I don’t really know how to determine my goal weight, but I would guess it is around 170. I was previously 185 and still felt off. I have heard that BMI calculators are not accurate for all body types and there are other factors to consider as well. Anyway, according to a BMI calculator I am Obese, which I knew (I have seen myself in the mirror 🙂 after all. In order for me to get just into the normal range at 24.9, I would need to weigh 154 Pounds. That would mean I need to drop 56.1 Pounds from my latest heaviest weight of 210.1 Pounds. Based on what I did in the 12 Days of Keto and accounting for “diminishing returns” I wonder if I could net drop 3 Pounds per week. If that holds, it would take me 19 weeks to get to 154 and bring myself into a healthy BMI. That would mean I should weigh 154 Pounds by May 20, 2023.

Goal Weight: 154 Pounds

Weekly Goal: 3 Pound Reduction


12 Hours Fasted: 12 Hour Eating Window

Weight: I forgot to weigh myself this morning.



Weight: 205.0



Weight: 206.4 (up 1.4)



Weight: 202.6 (down 3.8)



Weight: 199.5 (down 3.1)


12:7.5 (10.5P-10.5A: 10.5A-6P)

Weight: 201.7 (up 2.2)


19:5 (6P-1P:1P-6P)

Weight: 201.5 (down 0.2)



Weight: 201.7 (up 0.2)

Down 0.7 from 1-06-2023

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