What Did I Learn Sprint Writing 3 Children’s Picture Books? – 3-31-2023 |SOE 012

Eva and the Grobug Audiobook Story Over Everything

Lessons Learned Sprint Writing

I may have learned to do a first Draft, AKA how to stop worrying and just write!

I learned that I can both have an outline and discover my story as I am writing it

I learned that it is good to push myself to finish fast, but then take time to review, rework and redevelop my writing-I learned that I should give myself space and time to let my projects develop, particularly those in a series, so that they have time to shape and inform each other


Are you for or against sprint writing?

Have you done sprint writing?

How did you like it?

Topic Mentioned

-The Way I Feel Books

-Kamen Rider Fourze

-The evils of the Prussian Style School System

-The format of the Grobug Books


The Way I Feel Series at Cornelia Spelman

The Way I Feel Series at Good Reads

The Way I Feel Series at Thrift Books

Fourze Official

Watch Fourze Episode 1 + Episode 2

Prussian Education

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