What is the Red Panda Report? – RPR 0

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Red Panda Adventures 7 Review |Red Panda Report 007 Imitation Panda Red Panda Report

  1. Red Panda Adventures 7 Review |Red Panda Report 007 Imitation Panda
  2. Red Panda Adventures 6 Review | Red Panda Report 006 Fame Monster

The Red Panda Report is my opportunity to relive Red Panda for the 3rd time, so I can study the pulse-pounding pulpy goodness that was brought to the world by Gregg Taylor and the team at Decoder Ring Theatre.

The Red Panda Adventures is a series inspired by Old Time Radio serials, like The Shadow. This single creator driven story tells of most of the crime-fighting career of the Red Panda and his phenomenal female partner in danger and feats of daring-do: the Flying Squirrel.

I will touch on some Shadow serials and then jump into Red Panda Adventures as I endeavor to channel the pulp spirit into my own pulp-inspired superhero characters.


Red Panda Adventures from Decoder Ring Theatre

The Shadow Radio Shows

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