It’s too early to remark much on the weather, it is nice and cool, as it should be before 7.

I had a good workout today. One of my favorite aspects of the gym I attend, is how the sense of competition, pushes me to do more and perform better. This morning somebody joked about what weight we could use for our exercises and the coach said that that was fine. I had intended on going with the heavier weight but I chose to go with the lighter weight. 2 or 3 of the other guys went with the heavier weight. And I wouldn’t say I had an easy time throughout the whole workout, but I know I would have had a much harder time if I had chosen to go with the heavier weight. I thought one of the guys had made a comment about me using the lighter weight and seeing them all struggling made me want to increase the weight I was using. I didn’t really feel badly for cheating or anything like that, but it got me thinking that I probably could do more and so on the 5th and final round I switched to the heavier weight. I think the only way that I was able to finish on time, was that I use the fact that we had a rest. In between rounds to save up the strength and build-up the determination to quickly push through my last round. I am not saying that I worked smarter, not harder, as my grandfather always used to advise, but I am saying that the strategy definitely worked for me.

On a related note, I forgot to bring lunch with me and I also did not have a post workout recovery meal, so I did something a little bit questionable and I got myself a burrito packed with avocado, meat, rice and beans. Supposedly after we exercise, we can handle carbs better so hopefully I didn’t just undo my great workout.

Update: It’s overcast toady, I like that.

Also, that big burrito was too much to eat at once. I felt very full for a couple hours after eating it. I couldn’t even have my coffee if I didn’t want to risk feeling bloated for even longer. Note to self: it is better to eat smaller portions and have to eat again, than to eat too much at once and have to languish in your sloth and gluttony. OK, maybe it was just gluttony, it was an after the gym meal, after all.

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