Ultraman (2019) 6 Review |Podcast

Moral and ethical conflict comes to the foreground in Ultraman 6 as Shinjiro struggles with what it means to bear the curse of being Ultraman. My thoughts on this are only partly formed and I will not give much more time to them in preparation for releasing this post. The inclusion of Dan Moroboshi as an Ultraman who is content to be a merciless killer makes me simultaneously happy and uncomfortable. I re-watched the scene of him executing the alien at the end of episode 6 and thought more deeply about how it mirrored Shinjiro’s interaction with the alien who he refused to kill at the beginning of the episode. This philosophical conflict among multiple Ultramen reminds me of the multiple Riders in Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. When thinking about it more broadly, it also reminds me of Sailor Moon and how Naoko Takeuchi presented a diverse cast of young women to explore multiple angles of womanhood and humanity. There is a larger point to come to, but I will not make it just yet. I will stop at saying I greatly value this approach to storytelling that adds shade and nuance a central idea by having multiple principal actors interact with it. The overall ethic or this Ultraman has yet to reveal itself, but I feel like a question is being asked about the nature of justice and evil and I am intrigued as to what answers are offered throughout its run.

7 minutes 50 seconds

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Ultramna 6 Review

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