Ultraman (2019) 9 Analysis |Podcast

In Ultraman 9, a new Ultraman burst onto the scene. I do not know what to make of this kid. He feels like an element added in to complicate the narrative and broaden the story. Once again, I feel a little thrown and I will boldly declare that there must be a plan for a second season. Will it happen? I don’t know. How is success even gauged for shows on Netflix? That doesn’t matter. As far as I know, the manga (this show is using as source material) is around 11 volumes long; that is enough to make a lot of show. I feel unclear as to whether or not Tsubaraya Productions will continue to make this show, but the manga provides a path forward for them. I hope they follow it, even if the story doesn’t get much better than what we have had so far.

I was thinking about what Seiji… Ultra Lad, or whatever his name is as an Ultraman brings to the table in terms of powers. It is undeclared, but it looks like he also has a Specium weapon, in that energy blade he is able to form. I have some questions about the power of the Ultra suits. Are they powered at all? It’s fine with me if they only serve as armor and to channel the Specium. Did Bemular call out in episode 2 that Specium is an element? I think I remember that he recognized Shinjiro’s arm blades as being Specium weapons and I know Ide called them out to Shinjiro as well over the comms. What the heck is Specium anyway? Are Seiji and Moroboshi aliens? How are they able to be Ultramen as well? I hope to find out before the season is over…

12 minutes 38 seconds

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Ultraman 9 Review

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