Ultraman (2019) 10 Analysis |Podcast

In Ultraman 10, we learn a lot more about Seiji Hokuto, even as the full truth about him evades us. His connections to the aliens living in the shadows gives him a different outlook on them and yet he is as eager as Moroboshi to “terminate” those who would otherwise make life inconvenient for those close to him. Seiji is an even more interesting character than I expected him to be.

I promised in my recording that I would look into the manga to anime ratio and I have very mixed result to report. It really varies. Most volumes of Manga collect anywhere from 180-220 pages. Ultraman is collected into 12 volumes for the entire story. That could be 2400 pages of story. I seriously doubt this 13 episode anime will cover that spread. Some anime adapt one chapter of manga into a single episode. Others adapt 2, 3 or even 5 chapters to animation. According to a scanlation site, it looks like Ultraman volume 1 collected chapters 1-6. How far does that get us into the anime, I can’t quite tell. While I was looking into this, I found a website claiming there WILL be a second season of Ultraman, in light of the end of episode 13. I also saw covers of the other volumes of the manga, but since I am mostly trying to enjoy this series as it comes, I am resisting the urge to look into or present any significant spoilers, so head over there at your own risk. So in conclusion, I have no clear answer on the manga to anime ratio, but I think there is potential for one more season given the feel of the show and the length of the manga. Let’s do some quick math, 12 volumes at 6 chapters each is 72 chapters. If one episode is about 3 chapters, that could easily make for 26 episodes or two 13 episode seasons.

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