Ultraman (2019) 11 Analysis |Podcast

Ultraman 11 gives Rena a graceful exit from the story for now and attacks the question of what it really means to be Ultraman from yet another angle. My suspicions about Edo and the Star Cluster Council grow and I am excited to see how this all works out!

The following notes were my guide for this episode. They made helped me select what images to present here in the show notes and in the video version presented at the bottom of the page.

  • The merits of tough love. Moroboshi sets the firmest of boundaries with Seiji
  • My preference for tokusatsu and practical effects over use of cgi to convey emotions. Seiji’s fear read perfectly through his Ultra Mask: his gasp, the cut to Shinjiro under the mask, like in Favroue’s Iron Man and Moroboshi’s deadly serious body language all work in concert to sell the dread of death overcoming Seiji in a more natural and less distracting way than the eyes on his mask cartoonishly emoting.
  • Rena figuring out Shinjiro is Ultraman is cute, especially when she expresses her gratitude and understanding for what the new and old Ultraman have done.
14 minutes 34 seconds

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Ultraman 11 Review

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