Competing Against Myself – Day 8


Slept: 10 hours, maybe 11. We can’t remember what time we went to bed last night

Weight at start (5/12): 223.8 lbs

Current Weight: 218.3 lbs

Loss: 5.5 lbs

Today’s workout

I’m abstaining from even yhis light work out to make sure I am fully recovered from being sick, so I don’t relapse.

Food Log

Since I strayed late into last week because I was weak-willed, I’m trying to do a lot better today.
Starting tomorrow I will log the time I ate each item and make sure to include the picture. I have also decided to post these at 8:00PM from now on.
Nut Cereal with Blueberries
A burrito turned into a salad. I’ll be having taco salads for lunch this week, so this didn’t seem like a bad idea. It’s actually two chicken burritos minus the tortillas.

I had half of a leftover taco salad (no beans, rice or tortilla chips)

Chicken Fajitas

A small latte

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