Competing Against Myself – Day 9

As long as my scale isn’t broken, it looks like I lost 5.5 pounds from Sunday May 12 to Sunday May 19. I was so shocked by this and doubtful of the scale working properly that I decided to weigh myself once more this morning. The scale kept reading back the memory until I picked it up to reset it, then it read something like 1.5 lbs less. Is it even possible for that to happen? My goal has been to start with losing 24 pounds. I think my ideal weight is closer to 180, but that’s because when I wrestled at 168 in High School sophomore year and I haven’t grown much taller since than, if at all. I was soft and a little flabby, I had no well developed muscle and I know I have grown broader in my shoulders, so I doubt I could ever get as low as 168 (I have this nagging feeling that it was actually 162, but I’ll stick with 168) and feel well, but 180 seems reasonable. If I had a low body fat percentage at that time, I would think I would have been in a lower weight class, so rolling forward, where should I be?

I looked around and found according to RUSH (no, not the band) that my BMI is 35.2, which makes me medically obese. I agree with that. Supposedly at my height (which is disputed, my wife like to pretend I am one inch taller than I think I am) I should be 118-158lbs. I have heard that many of these body charts and ideal weight charts don’t account for body composition and according to Live Strong, I have a large frame. So where does that put me? I am not sure. I would like to gauge my fitness and wellness more holistically; despite what a scale or chart says, if I feel good and think I look good, that is a win for me. honestly, I would be delighted if I kept this pace at losing weight as long as it is fat, so I can really see what I need to do to be in the shape I want. Here’s to another week of eating, sleeping and moving well!


Slept: 6.5 hours

Today’s workout

I am content to hold off exercising until I feel clear of this lingering cough.

I took a 25 minute walk during my lunch break. It was kind of a leisurely pace, but the intention was to keep moving. I could have just sat at my desk, but I wasn’t feeling it. It is a cool day, so I wore a light jacket. I didn’t even break a sweat, but it was nice. I did notice though that my feet were sore, especially on the balls; no idea what that’s about.

Food Log

9:30AM-9:45AM – Breakfast Bake – This portion is about the side of my fist and I plan to eat it over a while.
10:10AM – I feel hungry again. I am going to drink more water and then see how I feel
12:15PM-12:35PM – Chicken Fajita Salad

05:00PM – Coffee
06:00PM – Chicken Fajita Salad with Avocado.

I was just a little hungry…

You’ve heard of bumpees, now behold my blobbies!

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