Competing Against Myself – Day 10


Slept: 4.5 hours? Last night I struggled to sleep yet again. I felt like I had so much energy. My mind just kept going. I had a hard time shutting everything down, so I decided to take a bit of melatonin. I guess it helped.

Today’s workout

Still holding off exercising until I am quite well.

Food Log

6:45AM – I feel SO hungry! Is it because of my poor sleep? I haven’t had any water yet, so I am going to start with that and see what happens.

8:30AM – That water really held me over. But I am getting hungry. I pulled my tap salad out and decided to have two spoons of almond butter to start the day.


3:30 – Breakfast bake

6:00 – Meatloaf and Broccoli (no I didn’t eat THAT much)

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