Competing Against Myself – Day 15


Slept: 7 hours

Weight at start (5/12): 223.8 lbs

Weight last week: 218.3 lbs

Current Weight: 216.9 lbs

Week to Week Loss: 1.5 lbs

Overall Loss: 6.9 lbs

Today’s workout


Food Log

I made breakfast for myself


Imagine 3 eggs scrambled with 1 chopped beefsteak tomato and about 1/4 chopped onion and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese

Dinner – 6:00PM

Belly Shots


Looking back on the week, I let myself slip way too much. When I weighed myself today, I was disappointed. My wife reminded me that I was less diligent this week. She is right.

How much of my 5.5 weight loss was from the radical shift in diet? How much was linked to me working out those days that week? I am feeling better (as in, I think I am over being sick) so I plan to work out some this week. I stumbled across a Joe Rogan podcast where he interviewed Dr. Peter Attai. They spoke about health and nutrition among other things and it was very inspiring. I am going to take things slowly and discipline myself, but I think I am going to venture into intermittent fasting at some point.

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