Competing Against Myself – Day 23

Weekly Weigh In

I thought this got published yesterday but there was some sort of error, so I am including the information HERE and editing last night’s post to correct it.

Weight at start (5/12): 223.8 lbs

Weight last week: 216.9 lbs

Current Weight (6/2): 211.4 lbs

Week to Week Loss: 5.5 lbs

Overall Loss: 12.4 lbs

“Fasting” Window

Last Ate: 9:25PM (6/2)

First Input: 3:45PM

Fast: 18 hours


Slept: 6 hours

Today’s workout

100 Bicep Curls

2) 30 pound dumbbells

Took about 9 minutes.

AND I only did 27 to spec, the remaining 73 I had to do with a single dumbbell. Looks like I’ll have to work up to a full 100 curls with my 30’s.

Food Log

3:45PM – Tomato Salad

Two Tomatoes, 2 Cloves of Garlic, Green Onion, seasoned with Salt, Pepper, Basil and Olive Oil

5:00PM – Breakfast Bake

5:30PM – Coffee with Half and Half

7:15PM – Kielbasa and Peppers

8:45PM – 4) Low-Carb Cookies and a little bit of coffee

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