Competing Against Myself – Day 24

“Fasting” Window

Last Input: 10:30PM (6/3)

I had this little bonus whille making my salad last night.

First Input: 5:30PM

Fast: 19 hours


Slept: 6 hours

Today’s workout

60 Second Plank

60 Second Side Plank Left

60 Second Side Plank Right

Took about 4 minutes

I was sweating a bit by the end.

Food Log

5:30PM – Tomato Salad

Two Tomatoes, 1 Clove of Garlic, seasoned with Salt and Pepper

7:30PM – Breakfast Bake

I had planned on eating them together after my workout, but the salad filled me up enough that I decided to hold off for a while.

6:30PM – Coffee with Half and Half

7:30PM Peppers and Potatoes (a tiny left over bit no one else was going to eat)

8:25PM – 3 Pieces of Chocolate with a little more Coffee

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