Competing Against Myself – Day 31

Fasting Window

Last Input (6/11)

7:15 PM

First Input (6/12)

5:30 PM

Time Spent Fasting

22 Hours


7 hours

Today’s Workout

100 Curls with (2) 30lb Dumbells

Time: 13 minutes

Food Log

Throughout the day I had 3 or 4 servings of my large bottle, black coffee and a chai tea.

5:30 PM – Cold Coffee with Half and Half

7:00 PM

9:50 PM Posr Workout Salad + Cold Coffee (Homemade)


Yesterday while I was mowing the lawn, I listened to a episode 83 of the Unregistered Podcast. Thaddeus Russell spoke with Isaac Morehouse about a wide range of topics. What I want to share with you is the thing that struck me the most; a recipe for happiness and success: ask yourself what you want and pursue it. Pursue it like you deserve a shot at having it. Pursue it for yourself and yourself only.

I want so many things, but I have failed to get most of them. I am happy with most of my life, but their are some aching wounds where I have chosen to put myself last and not commit to myself to do the things that really make me happy. I wanted to get fit 8 years ago, to quit sugar, to be better and healthier. About one year ago I got serious. For seven years I sat on my hands and refused to take action. I took in information, I learned all the right things to do and then I didn’t do them. Last year I decided to take action. I set boundaries and goals and my wife and I agreed it was past time to make these changes. I am seizing control of my health (and more) and after hearing Russell and Morehouse speak about the amorality of self-interest, I feel emboldened to gleefully pursue the dreams I left to flounder for so long.

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