Competing Against Myself – Day 46

Key Information

Hours slept from 6/25 to 6/26: 6 hours

Fasted from 6/25 to 6/26: 16 hours


Yard work. I shoveled out many, many pounds of dirt and carries 5 heavy bags of dirt about 100 feet.

Duration: About one hour

Food Log


Here’s a great tip for you folks: you can use Ikea bags for so many things. They are so durable. Water doesn’t damage them, sharp things have a hard time cutting through them and ruin them. The straps break much more easily than the bag portion. The bag is made of tarp material while the straps are fabric.

I have used these bags to haul away scrap tile and concrete. Now I am using them to haul soil. Most of the soil is wet and full of worms. I am fairly certain that these will keep and the dirt will all mulch over the next while before I move. The plan is to use this soil for raised bed gardens at the next place.

Next time you’re at Ikea, consider these inexpensive bags, that may prove invaluable to you.

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