Competing Against Myself – Day 47

Key Information

Hours slept from 6/26 to 6/27: 5.5 hours

Fasted from 6/26 to 6/27: 16 hours


Bicep Curls L/R x10 30lb Dumbbells

Pushups x20

Plank 60 Seconds

Duration: 5 minutes

Food Log


My kid reminded me of something important today: as long as you aren’t hurting others by pursuing something you want, go ahead and do it.

This all stems from a summer activity the kids are enjoying. I pick them up after work. Like a sheep, I chose to park far away amd make them ealk a long distance to the car to go home. We’re headed in the same direction as the traffic in the afternoon and honestly I wanted to park much closer to the pick up spot, so we can be home sooner. I chose not to because I was worried about a stranger telling me not to. She insisted I park closer. I funally did today. I admit I was nervous, thinking some busy body might tell me I was breaking a rule by doing my own thing. Thankfully no one said anything, but I am ashamed that it had me worried. If someone says something, well, I will worry about it then, but I will politely carry on.

The kids were happy and so was I. I thanked the kid for reminding me to live freely. I suggest you do the same and ignore the silent pressure from others to not do what you want to. If it is moral to you, go ahead.

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