Competing Against Myself – Day 60

Key Information

Hours slept from 7/09 to 7/10: 6 hours

Fasted from 7/09 to 7/10: 16 hours


Food Log


Me doing transformation poses from Kamen Rider.

The top two pictures were taken 60 days ago in Tahoe. I was at least 26 pounds heavier. I was weakier and much flabbier. I was inspired to pose and take these pictures because of the amazing scene of nature. Anyway, I was excited to see the pictures and when my wife showed me, I was shocked by how bad I looked.

The second set of pictures is from today. I’m still doing the same silly poses, but I am leaner and healthier. The shift in my diet, coupled with light exercise brought me to this point. I am going to lean into the tokusatsu theme and see if I can reach my target weight and fitness by 99 days.

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