Competing Against Myself – Day 92

Weekly Weigh In

Weight at start (5/12): 223.8 lbs
Weight last week (8/04): 194 lbs
Current Weight (8/11): 192 lbs
Loss: 2 lbs
Overall Loss: 31.8 lbs

Change Is Hard

I stopped logging my food this week.

I broke away from keto by eating a lot more carbs. I had lots of chocolate and two burritos. I still have fat to lose. I still think eating keto is good for me, but the caloric deficit brought on by IF is a good thing for me. I still struggle with portion control, but I am not sure how to overcome that. My prospects for being in a GREAT place by 99 days are looking dim. I think I will be in a good place and I have learned a lot that I will carry forward with me.

I am fairly happy with how I look. I want to look better and I feel like I am close enough to where I want to be that I feel encouraged to do better. I am going to mix in exercise again this week and I plan to continue fasting. I really like the flexibility of IF. I want to keep fine-tuning my implementation of it, so it stays enjoyable even when I am not seeing drastic results.

Unexpectedly, I was forced to exercise today because my car battery died on me. I ended up running back and forth to the park near me. It was a good thing in the end. I hope that adding in workouts this week will really accelerate my progress.

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