Competing Against Myself – Day 99

Weekly Weigh In

Weight at start (5/12): 223.8 lbs
Weight last week (8/11): 192 lbs
Current Weight (8/18): 188.3 lbs
Loss: 3.7 lbs
Overall Loss: 35.5 lbs

Time to Move On

I am very happy to be where I am now.

This is where I started.

This is where I am now.

I am in a really good place. I have seen how much nutrition affects my body and I have developed some strategies for doing what is best for me. I have an increased incentive to get in shape. I’m flabby and weak and I want to fix that. I feel like I am close to being in great shape or at least as close as I have ever been in my adult life and it makes me want it more. I used to dismiss other people as being vain, but I am finding a little of that vanity in myself and I’m ok with that. Losing over 35 pounds has changed my perspective on some things. I am happy I put in the effort and made this journey.

I plan on putting up a short post every 33 days out from August 18 (the day I started writing this post) until I reach my second 99 day period. I hope in another few months I am in peak fitness. I am working on lots of other projects and I hope the discipline I have cultivated over the past few months will lead me to success in those arenas.

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