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The Trials of Ultraman #2 – April 21, 2021

Writer: Matthew Groom, Kyle Higgins

Penciler: Francesco Manna

Cover Artist: Arthur Adams, Rachelle Rosenberg

When a teammate is in danger, you pull out all the stops to save them – and sometimes, when things are really dire, that means…donning your Sunday best? But even if Team Ultraman can pull off an unorthodox rescue, the results will raise some mind-bending questions…and put our heroes in the crosshairs of a brand-new threat!


-Theses JADF guys look like a weird group of people for being in New Zealand. Are they as international as the USP. The main dude looks like he is from a Mexican 80 movie. I don’t think any of those guys looked Maori or anything. Weird.


-Fuji zapping that guard was a nice surprise

-Seeing little Ultraman appear again is cook

-The Robot Chicken Kaiju reveal at the end was fun


-The Ultra refusing to fight but choosing to protect Fuji and Dan was cool. I love the power displayed by the restraint.

-It got better though, when the JADF let loose their robotic Kaiju. That was a fun moment and seeing Ultraman deal with it with some struggle was neat. I wonder if he will just have to physically wreck it to stop it.

-The battered Dan in sillhouette made for a cool shot


-Is Shin a careless, reckless fool like his dad suggests? If so, is he worthy to be Ultraman? If he isn’t why was he goofing off when saving Dan Moroboshi? What’s going on here?


Yes. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the action, heroics and novelty of them going on a rescue against this alternative-USP organization

This book is a definite recommend. Get it for yourself!

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