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Ultraman Trigger Episode 04 For Smiles – July 31, 2020

Writer: Toshizo Nemoto

Director: Masayoshi Takesue

A mysterious artifact is excavated from the Ultra-Ancient ruins. As GUTS-Select investigates, the treasure Ignis had been hunting awakens Oka-Gubira! With the town in danger, Kengo must transform into Trigger to make everyone smile!


-Kengo’s delayed reaction to Yuzare

-Oka-Gubira’s leap

-Why hit with the Deracium Claw?

-Carmear’s Passion


-Ignis’ quick change

-Kengo looking into Trigger

-Captain Tatsumi VS. Ignis

-Oka-Gubira digging

-The compositing when Akito lured Oka-Gubira with the beacon


-Was this episode too comedic for you?



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