Competing Against Myself – Day 3

Update from last night.

Had coffee around 9:00PM because it was there after I made it at 6:00PM. It didn’t feel great. I decided to make a smaller amount to split with my wife, so we should both be down to a single cup a day, shared between us.


Slept: 6 hours

Waking Status: I felt sluggish. It took me a good 15-20 minutes to actually get going. I’ve done much better in the past. I probably need 6.5 hours, if not 7. I plan to wake up at 4:30AM tomorrow.

Today’s workout

30 minutes start to finish.

21 minutes actually moving. 9 minutes resting. That’s a lot of down time. Will I be faster next Monday when I repeat this specific routine? I hope so.

I want to disclose that I couldn’t actually do the 10 pullups correctly. I did the first 2 with/by kipping and the other 8 by jumping. I hope to see growth as I continue doing this routine.

Good news: this afternoon I started feeling sore from the workout! That makes me think that the program is tough enough to help me improve.

My sweat on the ground
Cooling off after running back home

Food Log

Breakfast Bake.

Had a tiny bit more around 5. I was hungry after work.

egg, turkey bacon, broccoli, cheddar cheese

Red Cabbage Salad with Kielbasa

I also snuck a few fries :/

Taco Salad (no chips or beans for me right now)

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