Competing Against Myself – Day 17

“Fasting” Window

I have been skipping breakfast over the last few days. I just haven’t been hungry early in the day. My wife and I enjoyed a three-day weekend together and I found that I enjoyed having a cup of coffee while she ate her breakfast. That got me thinking more about intermittent fasting. I am going to ease into it, because I want to do the research and plan out exactly how to do it and what to do. I want to approach each of these improvements in a very relaxed fashion because with each change I make to improve my health and wellness, I would like to do it with a positive attitude and joyfully embrace it.

I am going to start out tracking and observing what I am doing and how I feel.

Last ate: 9:00PM (5/27)

First Input: 7:00AM

Fast: 10 hours

I started feeling hungry at 6:45, so I decided to make myself a cup of coffee. My wife suggested I use heavy cream over half and half. I used to drink coffee with heavy cream, but it was a little off this time. The flavor wasn’t quite what I wanted. I should bring cinnamon to work.


Slept: 6 hours

Today’s workout


Food Log

7:00AM – Coffee with Heavy Cream
9:00 – I started feeling a little hungry, so I started drinking my large water. I got busy with work and the hunger abated.
1:00PM – Turkey Coleslaw
Romaine, beefsteak tomato, deli turkey, 2 slices of provolone, avocado based mayonnaise, salt and pepper

I keep forgetting to take the picture BEFORE I start eating :/

4:00PM – 3 eggs


Beef Tacos with Cheese Shells

Had to have ONE MORE!

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