Competing Against Myself – Day 58

Key Information

Hours slept from 7/07 to 7/08: 6.5 hours

Fasted from 7/07 to 7/08: 16 hours


Bicep Curls L/R 30lb Dumbbells X10

Russian Twists with 30lb Dumbbell X30

V-Ups X30

Burpees X30

Duration: 8 Minutes

Food Log


I keep trying different things out and adjusting for what serves me best in reaching my goals. I have lost about 26 pounds. I foolishly did not take any waistline or other measurements, but my face looks slimmer and my shirts and pants fit me way better than they did before. I still have 10-20 pounds of ft to burn off. My belly feels big and when I sit it becomes much more pronounced, but I am doing well.

I feel I owe my success thus far to the following changes:

  • Eating a Keto diet (even though I am a bit sloppily with it)
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Light Exercise

My caloric intake is low and I think I am near ketosis, so fat is being burned for fuel while I am fasted. I am building my muscle with light lifting and body weight exercises. I am getting stronger, so I think I must be adding some muscle mass, but my overall weight is still going down. If fat is lighter than muscle and I am both burning fat and building muscle, I think that means I am losing fat at a decent rate.

I feel really good about my progress. This week I am focusing on getting in a slightly more intense workout FIRST THING in the morning before I had off to work. I want to see if doing that and being a little more strict with what I eat will help me make better progress. I had SO much peach cobbler last week! Yesterday was solid nutritionally speaking, so I need to keep up that momentum.

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