Competing Against Myself – Day 71 (posted a day late)

Weekly Weigh In INTERRUPTED!

Weight at start (5/12): 223.8 lbs
Weight last week (7/14): 201.3 lbs
Current Weight (7/21): ? lbs
Week to Week loss: ?
Overall Loss: ? lbs

My scale is broken or out of batteries and my wife went into labor, so all plans pretty much stopped. I might have her order some batteries online to weigh myself again, but this kid came earlier than expected so we’re a little thrown.

Key Information

Hours Slept

7/15‐ 6

7/16- 6

7/17- 6

7/18- 6

7/19- 5

7/20- 8

7/21- 0 (My wife and I were up all night because we had something exciting going on)

Hours Fasted

7/15- 20

7/16- 21

7/17- 20

7/18- 13

7/19- 16

7/20- 12

7/21- 0


7/15- 10 Bicep Curls 30lb Dumbbells + 20 Pushups

7/16- None

7/17- 20 minute walk

7/18- 30 minute walk, 20 Bicep Curls, 30 Pushups

7/19- None

7/20- None

7/21- None

Food Log

7/15‐ Mira (1 liter water bottle), green tea, mira, black coffee, mira, coffee, Flame Broiler bowl of chicken and steamed vegetables.

7/16‐ Mira, black coffee, mira, coffee with cream, 4 squares of chocolate, meatballs in red sauce, lime le croix

7/17- Mira, green tea, mira, coffee with cream, 4 squares of chocolate, double-mest protein style

7/18- Mug o’ Water (about 12 ounces of water), green tea, mug, mug, maybe half a rotisserie chicken, mug, coffee, mira, broccoli and shredded beef, lime la croix

7/19- Mira, tea, coffee with cream, chilli cheese pastrami fries and onion rings, pecan chocolate pie. We went off the rails…

7/20- yogurt with blueberries, Mira, coffee, broccoli and shredded beef, 3 squares of chocolate, 2 chicken thighs, little bit of salad

7/21- Handful of cashews, breve latte, 1 fried egg with avocado…. THEN 2 chocolate donettes, MORE pecan pie, 3/4 of a cauliflower pizza, 2-3 more cups of coffee, a bunch of watermelon.


7/15- 6:10AM| I am so hungry. I stopped eating by 8PM last night. I drank about 1 liter of water on ny way into work. I am shocked by how hungry I feel despite having had that much water. I am about to have some green tea. Hopefully the hunger fades away soon.

I want to wait to beeak my fast until I get home, that will put me around 18 hours fasted. I probably ate too much last week and too many carbs. Could I have built almost 4 pounds if muscle in 4 days of light exercise? I doubt it.

I also felt some discomfort in my stomach and I wonder if that was from having too much coffee with cream. I was having coffee with cream at work and home and probably drank 8 ounces of cream with all that coffee I had, multiple days last week. Supposedly every adult human has some degree of sensitivity to lactose. I want to get that in check, so it’s time to tweak my approach again.

I also plan to do a light workout fasted today.

7:00AM| I don’t know if the green tea hurt my stomach, but something did. I had some sharp pains. I am going to have my water, as I get thirsty and hope that in a while everything is feeling fine.

7/16| There is a chocolate shake in the fridge. I really wanted it, but I resisted. It is left over from one of my kids. I know it will “go to waste,” and want to use that to justify myself in drinking it, but it will go to my waist and be a waste of my time and energy if I give in to the temptation to drink it.

I pushed it to the back of the fridge. I hope it gets thrown out while I am at work.

7/21| I went nuts after the sleepless night of the birth. I felt pretty nasty trying to sleep and I think my food intake had a lot to do with it. I plan to be off or work for the next week helping transition is to life with baby. Anyway, I won’t be working out and my sleep will be less than great but at least I can control how good my nutrition is.

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