I Don’t Mind Half-Boiled – Fuuto PI 03 Analysis |Half-Boiled 03

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I will be discussing: The hits and misses of Fuuto PI and transformation.

This is Rider Tears 003: “I Don’t Mind Half-Boiled”


Fuuto PI 03 Beware of t / The Masked Defender – August 14, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo

Director: Yousuke Kabashima


The identity of the Road Dopant has been made clear, and Kamen Rider W is here to save the day. But questions still remain. Who is Tokime, and what happened to her memories?


-Marvelous combat

-Tokusatsu looks great as anime

-Bike chase

-Chuuta’s turn


-Tokime’s turn

-New threat


-Something about Double looks off

-Fan service


-What’s up with NEWSEUM?

-Is Shotaro a Chaste Chad?

-Is it OK that Tokime is Another Philip?


Episode 3 – 8/10

The action was great. The vibe is strongly Double. The story is a little more involved than the average episode of the toku and I am fascinated to see this crew integrate and see how her story unfolds.


How do people transform?


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