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I will be discussing: The tension between gut and heart.

This is Rider Tears 005: “Chasing Tail”


Fuuto PI 05 The Terrible m/The Sound of a Leak – August 28, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo

Director: Yousuke Kabashima


Shotaro is injured defending the video game idol, Megu Kazamatsuri, leaving Philip in charge of the investigation. But can he and Tokime put aside their differences to protect their client?


-Ryu’s head looked tiny in one scene. It got better later, but that was weird…


-Tokime as junior detective

-Philip coming out with his feelings

-Gross bug attack


-How was Magi-P injured anyway?

-Is Meganeura really a High Dope or was there a second Dopant?

-Is Bando’s New City/New Fuuto/Newwto about elitism or something? Does he want High Dopes only there? Is that supplement instrumental to making it happen?

-Did Tokime exhibit powers which caused Meganeura to drop her and Monako?


Episode 5 – 8/10

This was so cool. Character work, body horror and the daring do from our heroes made this episode a blast!


Is it more important to follow your gut or your heart?


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