12 Days of Keto – Day 12

My 12 Days of Keto Plan is as follows:

I will fast for 16 hours each day (24 hour period) and have an 8 hour eating window.

During these 8 hours I will drink coffee with heavy cream, unsweetened black teas and of course water.

During these 8 hours I will eat meat, butter, eggs, fish, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt and probably some sauteed vegetables with dinner.

I will weigh myself each morning after waking up and before eating.

I will drink a big cup of water after waking up and every 1.5-2 hours after that with some real salt sprinkled in as well.

I plan to stop eating between 6PM or 7PM each night and cease IF at 10AM or 11AM accordingly.

I will post an update on my author blog each day. Simple text, no fancy graphics or gimmicks.

My 12 Days of Keto begin 12-26-2022 and end 1-06-2023.

I hope to drop at least 10 pounds in that time. I think my ideal weight is 160 with a little more muscle. I am more of a Dwarf than an Elf in stature.

This 12 days thing is just a fun gimmick to get me started. My ideal is likely IF + Carnivore, but I my heavy cream in coffee. It is a delight. I’ll assess every 2 weeks or so as I go forward to fine tune.

12-26-2022 Weigh-In: 210.1 POUNDS

12-27-2022 Wiegh-In: 208.6 POUNDS, 1.5 Pound decrease

12-28-2022 Weigh-In: 208.6 POUNDS, No change

12-29-2022 Weigh-In: 206.8 POUNDS, 1.8 Pound decrease day-to-day, 3.3 Pound decrease overall

12-30-2022 Weigh-In: 205.7 POUNDS, 1.1 Pound decrease day-to-day, 4.4 Pound decrease overall

12-31-2022 Weigh-In: I FORGOT to weigh myself this morning, so I am working with bad data. That bugs me. I will have to be more meticulous.

1-01-2023 Weigh-In: 207.2 POUNDS, 1.5 Pound increase, sort of, day-to-day, 2.9 Pound decrease overall

1-02-2023 Weigh-In: 204.8 POUNDS, 2.4 Pound decrease, day-to-day, 5.3 Pound decrease overall

1-03-2023 Weigh-In: 204.1 POUNDS, 0.7 Pound decrease, day-to-day, 6.0 Pound decrease overall

1-04-2023 Weigh-In: 203.9 POUNDS, 0.2 Pound decrease, day-to-day, 6.2 Pound decrease overall

1-05-2023 Weigh-In: 202.8 POUNDS, 1.1 Pound decrease, day-to-day, 7.3 Pound decrease overall

1-06-2023 Weigh-In: 202.4 POUNDS, 0.4 Pound decrease, day-to-day, 7.7 Pound decrease overall

Fasted: 1-05-2023 6:00PM to 1-06-2023 12:30PM – 18 hours

I am pleased with my progress so far. I did stumble and have some issues to work through, but it has been a positive and affirming experience overall. The biggest issue I have is that I did outright cheat a few times in JUST 12 days and I still had a decent amount of weight decrease. I even look a little better in the mirror. I almost feel like I can get away with cheating as long as I keep up the IF, but that is bogus. That is how I gained back these 25-ish pounds. I prefer to eat whole foods, but my wife has made me whip cream and mouse for desserts I get to have on my cheat day and that is lovely. Last week I had “keto” cookies, but I am sure based on calories intake alone, it did some damage. I gained back 1.5 pounds from that cheat day and that doesn’t feel worth it to me.

I think 18:6 is the best IF interval for me.

I may do 12:12 on my cheat day. I will try that this week and see how it feels.

I might shoot for a 24 fast after my cheat day to recover. I almost did that last week, but I caved around 18, I think.

I also want to push harder towards Carnivore. I’ll have to start making plans and strategies to accomplish that. I did it before, but the fact that I dropped it is telling.

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