Garbage In = Garbage Out

I was going to this awesome gym: Crossfit Rancho Cucamonga. I loved it. For reasons that are my own, I have chosen to stop going. I got stronger, faster and more disciplined. I am going to take what I learned and keep going, but I am also going to make a radical shift in my diet.

I am home from vacation for just a few hours at the time of writing this. On vacation I ate whatever I wanted and didn’t exercise once. We went on some walks and did some very mild hiking. It was lovely. I took some time to think about my health and fitness and I decided to make an exercise schedule for myself. Starting today I will be implementing a simple workout schedule meant to keep me moving and help maintain overall strength and discipline. It is designed to be easy for me to keep up with. As for my nutrutuon, I am shifting to a Paelo or Ketogenic diet. My wife and I worked on a meal plan as we were driving back home today.

I plan to monitor my food and exercise to track my results. One last note, while I will be doing a quick workout today, I will not shift my diet until tomorrow. Tonight we are having a Mexican feast!

Workout Schedule. Sunday through Friday


3 Dumbell exercises
(Dead Lifts, Curls, Overhead Press, etc.)

Monday through Friday


Run to park


[Pick 1 each weekday]

100 Pushups

100 Air Squats

100 Burpees

100 Flutter Kicks

100 Lunges


[Rotate through each weekday]

Hanging High Knees
Toes to Bar
[Do all 3 each day, Monday through Friday]

60 Plank

60 Side Planks L/R

60 6″ Hold

(With a 10 Burpee break penalty)


Run home

The goal is to transform this incredible bulk into something leaner and more functional.

Current weight: 223.8 pounds

Desired weight: 200 pounds

How will I look amd feel at 200? According to the CDC, I could healthfully lose 1-2 pounds per week. I plan on making an update after 4 weeks of sticking with this change. Will I be 4-8 pounds lighter next month? We’ll find out!

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