Competing Against Myself – Day 37

Key Information

Hours slept from 6/16 to 6/17: 5.5, I hope. I know it wasn’t 6 or 7 hours

Fasted from 6/16 to 6/17: 18 hours

No exercise 

Food Log

5:40 PM
6:30 PM
7:30 PM

Besides a couple cups of black coffee, lots of water and some tea, I am only eating two small meals a day.

This week I am doing things a little differently.  Read the journal entry below for full details on what I am doing this week and why.


I do not know if it is possible to have a mind and that is more accepting of natural remedies, but if it is, I may just have that kind of mind. And when I say mind, I suppose I could be referring to either the structure of my brain or the way my thinking has been influenced over the years by the micro culture I was grown in. I think that everybody was grown in their own micro culture, determined by the people and environment they happen to grow up in.  I say all this to introduce the explanation for why I am taking the drastic measures that I am. The kerogenic diet came on to my radar 8 years ago due to Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson.  Gibson took a diversion from his internet security Podcast, which is still running and which is something you might want to listen to; it is called Security Now, to talk about health and bio hacking I suppose you could say. He explained the theory behind the ketogenic diet which he had read about in a book. He also explained how the practice of eating so differently from the average American had positively impacted his health outcomes.

Gibson, having a brilliant mind and being an entertaining and engaging presenter, has many people who listen to him and trust him because of how thoroughly he investigates each idea he discusses.  After he spoke about the ketogenic diet, he had many listeners respond and give testimonials that they had tried it out themselves with fantastic results.  Unfortunately for me, I took in the information, I read the book, but I never enacted the changes in my diet. I started eating better over all, but I never made the jump to putting myself into ketosis, by what I was choosing to eat. 37 days ago that all changed. I was fed up with my lack of progress. I was fed up with being unable to change my body the way I wanted to. I was fed up of living in the same cycle that made me feel full, bloated, empty and unhappy all at the same time.

With the support of my wife, I went from eating something between a Paleo diet and a Standard American diet (SAD),  I quit going to the gym and I started eating very differently. I eliminated all sugars I could think of: bread, beer, pastas, corn, most fruits from my diet. Next I worked on portion control because for a long time I have eaten far too much at one sitting. Yesterday I was having a cheat day and I felt stuffed and gross and I mostly had salad! I don’t want to weigh my foods and spend a lot of time measuring, but I need portion control. The best method to help me manage all this so far has been Intermittent Fasting. I am eating way fewer calories and I am spacing out my eating in the few hours each day I have chosen for my feeding window. The effect of this is that I have shifted down almost 16 pounds in just over 5 weeks.

This week I am going to take things to the next level, I plan to fast for at least 16 hours (but hopefully longer) and eat one egg with some butter (lots of fat and some protein) to break my fast, then an hour or two later have a small, nutritious salad. I want to be in a heavy calorie deficit becuase all this softness around my belly tells me I can afford it. The theory is that this should put me into ketosis and keep me there for the week. The less I eat, the more fat my body should need to burn. I have plenty available, so I figured I may as well make it available. The goal is to be strong and healthy, but I don’t want to get sick by straining my body, so I will suspend exercise this week and focus on sleeping well. This feels like a holistic, easy and natural way to bring myself back into a healtht state. It may sound extreme, but it doesn’t feel that way to me, it feels measured and logical. We’ll see where I am next Sunday and more importantly how I feel throughout the week. Pray for me, wish me luck or send me some good vibes.

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