Competing Against Myself – Day 44

Key Information

Hours slept from 6/23 to 6/24: 5 hours

Fasted from 6/23 to 6/24: 16 hours


15 minute walk

Bicep Curls 30lb Dumbbells X10

Push Ups X20

Russian Twists 1) 30lb Dumbbell X30

Duration: 5 minutes

Food Log

7:00 PM


This feels pathetic to admit, but those 10 (each arm) bicep curls were SO hard. I had planned to do 30, but cut it to ten after the first few. I am trying to focus on form because my siblings told me I better not cop out on it. I tried to go lower and slower with the push ups. Since I am going so light on reps, I might just do the same set each day this week. I hope it gets a bit easier each day.

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