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I will be discussing: The good and bad of Fuuto PI and the humanizing of Tokime.

This is Rider Tears 002: “Broken Memory”


Fuuto PI 02 Beware of t / The Culprit Is Right There – August 7, 2022

Writer: Riku Sanjo

Director: Yousuke Kabashima


The hunt for Tokime continues, but Shotaro begins to have growing doubts about her guilt, which leads to friction with his partner, Philip.


-Gaia Library looks awesome

-Road’s design

-The Road twist and Tokime mooching

-Shotaro stopped seeing Tokime as a sultry mystery witch and showed her to be a damaged person


-Those lingering shots on your girl Tokime

-The spat between Philip and Shotaro felt a bit off, I like conflict, but it felt repetitive given my exposure to Double

-The Revolgarry still looks dumb


Episode 2 – 8/10

This was solid. The story really stood on its own. This is a henshin hero show, but they didn’t transform until the end for a cliffhanger. Despite that, it was cool and exciting. Death is on the line and our heroes boldly face it. Very cool!


How did Tokime go from lust puppet to person in half an episode?


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